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Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Wouter Jansen takes 2nd place @ opening round of Dutch National Championship 4-stroke!

Last weekend the first 4-stroke Dutch National Championships of this season took place at Circuit de Landsard. Wouter Jansen with the Flandria Kart GEN2'17 participated in the RK1 class in a field of 22 drivers.

On Saturday Wouter and his mechanic Wouter Put searched for the right setup. Due the good chassis and the stable weather conditions, this turned out to be not so hard. In the afternoon the pace was really good and full of confidence they looked forward to Sunday.

Sunday: In free practice there was a bit lack of pace, which was due to a ignition problem. This was quickly solved and the setup was fine tuned a bit more. In qualifying Wouter needed to rub in the tires first, then he had pole for a while, but fell back to 7th place. After a couple more laps he managed to accomplish a very satisfying second place!

In heat one Wouter had a really good start and immediately took the lead, but due a small mistake he lost that and was in fourth place all over sudden. Then the race was neutralised by the red flag. We had to wait an hour for a complete restart. Wouter again took the lead and he was able to keep it a long time, as he was quick out the corners. Unfortunately he missed a bit of top speed, which resulted in an overtake halfway during the race: second place.

Heat two: again Wouter had an amazing start and took over the lead. He couldn't manage to create a gap and drive away. As a results, all the others behind him had a slipstream and after a bunch of laps he was in second place. Then the leader and Wouter drove away together and he finished second again.

Heat three: Due to the delay earlier, it was already getting dark and the temperatures dropped a lot. A setup change was required and Wouter Put, with some help of Koen de Meester, official Flandria Importer of The Netherlands, managed to do so.

The race started at 18:45 and Wouter took the lead from second place once more. He managed to drive away and create a gap. Halfway the race he made a mistake while breaking and the top 4 was on his bumper. Towards the end of the race the tires were not working at their best anymore and he lost the lead, but managed to maintain second position.


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