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Monday, 03 April 2017

Dijkstra and Garkaklis protagonists at Rotax Euro Series, And a first Euro podium ! !

2017 Opening round of the Rotax Euro Series, 2 Flandria Karts present, Thomas Dijkstra (Ned) and Haralds Garkaklis (Rus), both under the Flandria Kart Russia flag !

Thomas Dijkstra, who did his first meters in a junior a week ago in 2 run-in sessions on wednesday evening, did his first proper tests last wednesday at the Euro's... we guess this is been done before but not that often... the 12y old has been trowing into the deep by the whole team cause they just believe that much in his capability.

Kristof Dehert, Flandria Kart CEO helped out Koen de Meester (Flandria Kart Holland and personal guide of Thomas) on the chassis side, while Dolph Van Der Woude (Dirk v.d. Pol karting) were responsible for data and engine work !

The team around Thomas needed to find all out in 2 days what the other teams did in 2 to 3 years with 2 to 4 drivers !

By friday qualify, they menaged to be in the middle of the pack ! While on saterday, the rain dropped, and they needed to start from 0 again... 2 lost heats out of 3... and a nice P7 placed Thomas on P16 for the PreFinal.

Unfortunatly, the prefinal was a bit rough, and Thomas went off track 2 times, placing him in P26 for the Final.

In the meanwhile the team collected a lot data, decided to change some parts on the electrical components of the engine, and the FINAL showed it all, Thomas drove from last to P12 ,with T.Time of 56.6, while fastest was 56.8 !!

Haralds Garkaklis story was quiet easy to tell.

Being the fastest and loosing P1 cause of a leak radiator, makes the team happy about the podium, but frustrated as well, knowing the concurents where just not strong enough for him !

Haralds won his PreFinal quiet easy, but got a 5sec "BumperPenalty, While in the final he drove from 5 to 1... where after 8 laps the radiator started to overtrow water onto the rear brake ald left rear-tyre.... made him mis the chicane, loosing his lead, and forcing him to put the brake-balance 100% to the front, he could hold up 2 driver untill last lap... where he lost his p1 and dropped to p3.

Kristof Dehert : ""I am very happy with the speed, and hard work of both drivers, but the results can always be better ! In Haralds case, FINALLY all falls together like a puzzle.... the tyres... setup... engines... driver... all was just perfect. and than he need to finish with only front brakes.... thats a shame...

In Thomas case, this kid is just giving me goosebumps... he is only 2 years in gokart, and allready able to be on top of a Euro field... the result was not a correct view on his week ! the fact that he has made up 14 places at the final... with allost 1 per lap says enough ! ""


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