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Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Flandria Kart Russia @BNL Karting Series !

A weekend full of surprises... frustration.. but mainly a positive test for the team.

In Junior there was Thomas Dijkstra,who was very strong the week before, but had a difficult time without any tests on thursday or friday on the new Apex tyres... by the time we got the roght setup coming... he got excluded by the officials, as they clamed he put his bumper back after pit entry !! (while he came in last due to a crash ... hehehe ..)

In DD2 masters, there was ex-pro-weightlifter Maxim Shaposnikov, the 47y old gentleman driver lost his podium in Master class due to a broken big-end bearing !

In DD2 there was Michael Budovsky, who comes from Junior and did his first proper DD2 race.. finishing his sunday Final in P9 with a top 5 laptime ! Big potential !

All 3 drivers used this race as test for Baltics, Nordic or EuroSeries, and can be considered very positive for the #FlandriaKartRussia team ! lead by Haralds Garkaklis


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