Monday, 17 April 2017

Dominance 'Thommie' style !

After a fantastic week at the Euro Rotax in Junior class, and a difficult BNL, it was now time to focus on his nationals ( Dutch MiniMax Championsip), where the bad luck and other factors smashed in again.

At the free practice it was quiet obvious who was the boss, recalling in a POLE POSITION.

At the first Final of 3 (rain), Thomas missed his start getting into p4... gettong into p2 after 1 lap...

At lap 3, Thomas made his move on p1, where both drivers were a bit optimistic in their ways... costing his opponent some places.. and a 3sec penalty.... WINNING THE FINAL1 WITH A 5sec lead , the organisor decided to turn the 3sec penalty into a 1 place penalty (Hahaha)

In the 2nd Final of 3 (Dry track), Thomas mecanic (Koen de Meester).choose for a wet setup on slicks... for the dry but low grip track... resulting in a 50meter lead on p2 halfway the race.

Unfortunatly... the complete mad descission of the race director in Final1 wasnt the only strike on Thomas.... halfway race he got in contact with a lapped driver due to different reasons and deopped back to p2 with about 50 meter behind p1.... Getting his head up strong and dominant. returning back to the leader. and finished 0.4 sec in p2.

In the 3the Final, a lot could happen. the track was perfect for Thomas and his 2017 Flandria Kart MiniMax , starting on P2... taking the lead in a magnificent start...

but.... yet... again.... got pushed off in first corner, DNF !

Kristof Dehert : " just a shame... Thomas was sharp... focussed.... and than all the worse what can happed... just happened.... some descissions are made by the racedirector... which i will probably NEVER understand...

Like Thomas drove.. thats what we stand for... quality... honesty... and pure performance "


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