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Monday, 15 May 2017

Jarno Sutens P2 at the ASAF rd 2 !

After my race for the Belgian Nationals in Spa-Francorchamps, where i had a few engine issues, i missed the podium with a P4 ...

This weekend we attempted the ASAF series (with 90% of the same drivers, and excually the same top 5 as the Nationals, 12participants in total)

This time it was at the French track of Ostricourt. I never drove there before, so last we went there to do some sessions (only half a day, as for the difficult opening hours).

Saterday, i had 1 session to run in an engine, and than it was 4 more sessions to find a setup on my Flandria Kart GEN2'16.

Sunday Race : (1 quali + 2 'moto's')

I managed to qualify 0.1 from P2 and couple of 0.01's from P3. So 4 to start with !

In Race 1 i had a magnificent start, and came in P2, while overtaking P1 in the first lap and took a 30meter gab straigh away !

My mentor setted up my kart for the battle and the safe run, and only Behhan Danhier, could get away from the group and catch me. But in his overtaking i came back in straight away and took back my leading position !

After this little battle, i focussed and drive away, and together with a battle behind, i managed to win the 1st 'manche' with a nice gap !

In Race 2, i was going to take it easy in the first laps, to secure my top 5 finish and focus on the podium. all positions on top or better, would be a bonus !

I lost 2 positions in first corner, and 1 more in the exit.. as i was trying to keep it safe and not take any risks..

After 2 laps, i was chasing Behhan again, while we where catching back on the 2 leaders (Noah Maton, and Ales Tudisca). 1 lap later i became the victim of a lapped driver who didn't get a blue flag, and to make things worse, we hit eachother, and i went of track. I fight untill last lap and came back to P7, with 1 more lap to go i would have been P5 or 6.

But in any case, i did get P2 overal due to my first final win and the points counting.

I want to thank everyone who supports me, family, friends and sponsors ! and a big bravo to Dehhan Danhier for his win, and Noah Maton for his P3, you were both very fast, and it was a fair and clean battle !


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