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Tuesday, 27 June 2017

8y old Senne Sutens shows potential

Last weekend, Senne Sutens, yiunger brother of Our official driver Jarno, debuted on our chassis at the Dutch nationals in IAME 60cc class !

Senne is currently using a Prototype Flandria Smiley4 2017 chassis.

After a promosing test the weekend before, it was clear Senne has a huge potential ...

Last weekend started with a technical issue that was found only after Qualy... where he qualified only 15 ln the 17 entries-grid....

On Sunday morning the mecanic/daddy solved the problem, which resulted in 2 fantastic heats. placing Senne on a beautiful p7 on the grid of the final !!

In the Final it was obvious that the unexperienced Rookie (and youngest in class) who is doing only his first PROPER race ever, was a bit too unexperienced with starting... putting him back to p15 in first lap...!

After that, he used his pace to recover 7 places in 11 laps !

An overall 8 place, but most important....

2ND FASTEST LAPTIME in the Final !!


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