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Monday, 24 July 2017

Thomas Dijkstra, our diamond in the dirt ! #sorrynotsorry , Daan Postma Flandria Kart Rookie show potential

Last week, there was the Dutch Nationals at Spa-Francorchamps ! 2 drivers where representing Flandria Kart, both in Mini-Max class !

Factory driver Thomas Dijkstra, and upcoming Rookie Daan Postma !

22 drivers entered the race.

Saterday Qualies : Daan placed his Flandria Kart AR28 on P11, with only 0.3 from top5 ! While Thomas took ANOTHER pole, which was expected to be, if you are 0.4 0.5 ahead.. you don't expect your opponents to come a lot closer (well.. except in the land of 'make believe')

Sunday morning was raining, and Thomas showed that he is holland's most complete driver of his generation... not only placing his Flandria Kart on P1 in the DRY with 0.2 (with another 0.2 who dissapeared) but also doing a warm-up session in wet conditions, giving 1.1sec to P2 !

While Daan Postma, clocked in at P6 for the warm up !

The races where not realy different than usual...

The mindset of some teams are clear, TAKE out Thomas or he is gone with a 7 or 8 sec lead !

In the 1st and 2nd 'moto', out of 3, Thomas got pushed off track, and got technical damage !

In the 3th race, yet again, very rough and unfair things happened.. in all of Thomas' professionality, he drove from P20 to P1 winning the last 'manche' !!

Daan Postma, didn't reach the podium spots, but was very competitive as a rookie, being close to TOP5 several times, knowing he has only a learning season !

Kristof Dehert : '' It's just a shame to see him got kicked off , just cause otherwise they can't beat him... on the other hand, it's quiet funny too .. it makes him a good driver, and people see our combination is only beatable if you cheat or play it unfair :) the way some teams handle the qualy for example.... the way many team claim our engines or chassis are 'illigal' but then after scrutineering, it seems like they are way more OFF regulation margins than anyone else, hahaha.. just perfect...

About Daan Postma, this kid is gonne score points very soon .. he moved from Micro to Mini just early this year... and allready constantly in the middle of the pack ! and SOO many details that will be improved ... it's very promising ! ''


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