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Monday, 07 August 2017

Flandria Kart Finland on top yet again

Miska Kaskinen wins with 10sec gap on a rainy sunday final !

Alvar Siimesvaara very promising pace, and huge recovery !

Last weekend, the Finland Rotax Nationals where held, 3 Flandria Kart drivers where present.

Milo Kaskinen and Alvar Siimesvaara in Micro.

And Miska Kaskinen who is aiming for the National Title and the World Finals Ticket !!

The twin-round race was held over Saterday and Sunday (2times full finals days, 2 times full rounds) at the Tykkimäki Circuit ! Both days where switching weather conditions, from dry to very wet, and back around !

This mixed up results quiet a bit, but the best team, with the best drivers and best materials can come up with a solution any time ! And that is what Flandria Kart Finland's Marko Kaskinen did !

Saterday Micro Pre-Final :

A.Siimesvaara : P4 (2nd fastest laptime)

M.Kaskinen : P5 (3th fastest laptime)

Saterday Micro Final:

M.Kaskinen : P2

A.Siimesvaara : P5

Saterday, Miska Kaskinen won PreFinal with Fastest lap,

and finished 2nd in the final !


Sunday Micro Pre-Final :

DNF for Siimesvaara

P5 for Milo Kaskinen

Sunday Micro FINAL :

A. Siimesvaara recover to P2 !!!

Milo Finishes 4th !

Miska Kaskinen's Sunday finals where easy to sum-up... Won pref, and won the Final with over 10sec lead !!

Big congratz to Marko Kaskinen, the mecanics, drivers, parents, sponsors, and ofcourse engine builder Jussi Laaksonen !

We are very proud !


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